Orxonox, ‘casted

August 5th, 2011 by Crusader

The Linux Game Cast has a new episode, this time examining Orxonox:

Orxonox is a spacecraft shooter that plays in the post-apocalyptic world of our future. Humanity struggles to survive under the threat of wars, economic and ecological disasters. A lot of people search for their luck in the vast space of the solar system. But the human race faces extinction when they realize they are not alone in the galaxy. The Noxons, an evil alien species, believes the human race must be destroyed to free themselves from their cruel god Nox.

3 Responses to “Orxonox, ‘casted”

  1. Crusader Says:

    @Venn, yup, I’m still up for it.

  2. yours3lf Says:

    did you make that intro at 1:10 – 1:18 ?
    if you programmed it (or if you have the source), then you could improve it a little bit by turning off depth testing when you draw the “L.C.G. B-REEL” words so that z-fighting artifacts disappear.

  3. Venn Stone Says:

    @yours3lf thank you and yes, that could be cleaned up a bit. It was done in Blender but it’s grown on me :)

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