BTM Tech Demo

July 21st, 2011 by Crusader

Swing Swing Submarine published an updated tech demo build for Blocks That Matter, their upcoming platforming/puzzle game. Changes:

  • Bugfixes
  • Better menu keyboard binding (Enter to select, Escape to Return or Quit)
  • Up keyboard arrow can be sue to jump (duplicated binding)
  • WIP (well, very WIP) keyboard and gamepad ingame configurators (from the Options menu)
  • Volume mutted when the game doen’t have the focus
  • Max volume can be tweaked in the Options menu
  • Max framerate option (only tweakable from the config/DisplayOptions.xml for now)
  • Saves slots can be used (switchable from the main menu with Gamepad Xbox (X) and keyboard [F])
  • Ennemies now stop moving when the camera is showing something to the player
  • Falling / sliding blocks are now repositionned when entering puzzle mode so that they are aligned with grid
  • The game can be played in french version if the OS is in french.  (tweak the config/DisplayOptions.xml’ ” line and put the guess value to “0” if you want to play in english)

Download: [ ]

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