Why I Like Roguelikes

July 25th, 2011 by Crusader

From this morning’s brief Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup session

There is a sparkling altar of Nemelex Xobeh here.
You see here a legendary deck of cards.
_k – a legendary deck of cards
Things that are here:
an orcish dagger; a goblin corpse
_Found 10 gold pieces.
_You open the door.
_k – a legendary deck of cards (in hand)
_You now have 61 gold pieces.
_Found a stone staircase leading down.
_You open the door.
_There is an escape hatch in the ceiling here.
A mysterious force pulls you upwards. The hatch slams shut behind you.
_A giant gecko comes into view.
You draw a card… It is Damnation.
_The giant gecko is devoured by a tear in reality.

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  1. horstjens Says:

    Hi Crusader, i really like your posts.
    As logging into this wordpress account is cumbersome: please provide some kind of email adress to reach you.
    And, if possible, a Flattr button !

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