Overgrowth Update

July 19th, 2011 by Crusader

The exceedingly Linux-friendly developer Wolfire Games (of Humble Indie Bundle and Lugaru fame) has continued development of their next title, Overgrowth, and in the comments for a recent dev diary, David Rosen mentioned the state of things for Linux:

All of the alphas work on Mac and Windows, and we are working on getting someone to do the initial Linux port, and then I can maintain that every week as well.

Looking forward to it!

5 Responses to “Overgrowth Update”

  1. Venn Says:

    Ah yes, the Duke Nukem Forever of Linux games.

  2. albatros Says:

    Too many release of games on alpha or beta. I’ll wait until the final release.
    Anyway, it’s still good news.

  3. vadi Says:

    ‘working on getting someone’? I was quite convinced Icculus was doing it.

  4. eddward Says:

    “Duke Nukem Forever”? Ouch. The Wolfire guys have been pretty nice to us relatively speaking. That and I think there are a few other Linux title that would deserve that title more. I thought they said they’d get Icculus too. I wonder if that fell through.

  5. blendiac Says:

    Surely the “Duke Nukem Forever of Linux” would have to be Unreal Tournament…

    I would think that with all the money the Wolfire kids made with the various bundles that they could afford Iculus for their flagship game. Maybe someone bigger offered him more…

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