Steel Storm: Burning Retribution 2.00.02814

July 7th, 2011 by Crusader

A new Steel Storm: Burning Retribution patch is available to Linux users and it incluuuuudes:

  • the Message of The Day notification system
  • scores now send to clients at a 1 at a time basis instead of updating all scores at once even if most of them are unchanged
  • added ping to the scoreboard
  • added damage dealt and accuracy to the scoreboard (damage dealt exists in old scoreboard files)
  • fixed a bug that was drawing Storm Shield hits wrong against objects with shields
  • fixed a bug that was not saving player profile/config after the game updates their profile
  • fixed a bug that was setting revision wrong for new profiles
  • floored some values in the scoreboard to avoid decimals
  • decreased font size on the scoreboard to fit more stats in
  • increased size of the scoreboard
  • rewrote major portions of the scoreboard code to easily allow more stats and more game modes to be added
  • scoreboard columns now adjust to the scoreboard stat titles to avoid translated text overlapping each other

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