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April 19th, 2011 by Crusader

Ryan “icculus” Gordon recently spoke at this year’s Flourish! open source conference; the video of the speech has now been posted:

In it, Ryan expounds upon the history of games on open source platforms (I still need to finish listening to it, so I might have more to say in the comments).

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  1. Lightkey Says:

    For anyone else who can’t await WebM domination, here is the link to the video on (since their search is simply not working), where you can also download it as Theora/Vorbis or MPEG4.

  2. Lightkey Says:

    Well, it’s not about games on open source platforms but the – from his POV – most import milestones in open-sourcing engines of commercial games and the different business models and implications thereof.
    Beginning with the very first adventure game and Zork, before distribution as binaries was common. Skipping right to Wolf3D and DOOM, Crack.dom, then Loki and back to Duke3D, Quake, and Quake III Arena. Onwards with Second Life and back to Unreal Tournament.
    Mostly a rehash but with some interesting insight at the end about his involvement in the Humble Indie Bundles.
    Also he got fat.

  3. clean3d Says:

    I would personally love to hear Ryan rant about Ubuntu. Pity they stayed on-topic. :P

    An excellent talk, all the same!

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