Family Farm

April 18th, 2011 by Crusader

Family Farm has been released for Linux; the title employs role-playing and board game mechanics as it depicts agricultural life:

A demo is available; the full version can be purchased for 14.99€.

Demo Download: [ ]

3 Responses to “Family Farm”

  1. thrashdude Says:

    My Girlfriend in salivating over this game :-)

    If we hadn’t just purchased the Frozen HIB – maybe next pay period — unless by some miracle LGP happens to actually publish Bandits.

  2. Pierrick584 Says:

    Very good game, only tried the demo yet but still alot of fun, i’m def buying it quite soon

  3. thrashdude Says:

    Went ahead and purchased the game.

    Before purchasing, we attempted to play the demo, did not work. Fired off an email to support.

    They apologized, and created a new build to test instantly. They noted that there were still some minor issues, and that it would be fixed at the beginning of the next work day.

    The next morning, received an email that problems were fixed, and they were.

    Not only is this a great game (if you like the genre), but the support was fantastic. Hope these guys continue making games.

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