April 19th, 2011 by Crusader

Our host network/site, Atomic Gamer, recently interviewed id Software’s John Carmack about their upcoming first-person shooter RAGE, and the ways it departs from the traditional aspects of id’s library to date:

AG: Rage is being marketed as an FPS, but you guys have a lot more gameplay elements in there.

JC: We actually had to make a pretty strong correction on that because when we first started talking about Rage, it was getting reported as a driving game. We did not want it to be labeled as a driving game. It’s an action game, so maybe we over-corrected a little bit as pushing it as an FPS, but we wanted to make sure nobody just said, “I don’t care about a driving game,” and neglected to look at Rage.

The RAGE site has also posted a gameplay trailer, which shows around five minutes (!) of combat footage in the “Dead City”. Moreover, Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a hands-on preview-based impressions up:

If there’s a familiarity to spending a mission scoping through cramped, crumbling indoor spaces and shooting pop-up monsters, it’s offset by being able, to some extent, pick which mission and when you play it, and by a far greater emphasis on resource management. Ammo is on the scarce side, and must be looted from bodies or occasional pick-ups; speciality ammo such as electrified shotgun shells is even scarcer.

These are probably the most substantive comments on the game I’ve seen to date, as I had missed seeing RAGE myself at the last QuakeCon.


  1. dimko Says:

    I’d like to point out, that, if you go here: – there is no Linux version yet…
    It’s not been formally confirmed that there will be Rage on Linux.

    Either way, there will be rage!

  2. Crusader Says:

    Yeah, id never (well, with the exception of Q3A) handles the Linux builds as an official port on the publisher-side; this prevents the support teams from having to staff up on Linux knowledge.

  3. Agrajag Says:

    well, with the exception of Q3A

    They also released official Linux retail box sets of Q1 and Q2, including all the expansions, but well after their original release… I’ve still got them lying around somewhere, I think…

  4. Lightkey Says:

    Right, Crusader keeps forgetting that. :-)

  5. Andre4s Says:

    But what is the current status of Rage on Linux? I don’t know why I ask I dont have a computer that will run this game anyway. But it is fun with some big games for Linux as well.

  6. Crusader Says:

    Ah yeah, I actually have the Quake 1 box lying around somewhere…

  7. Adomas Jackevičius Says:

    Oh I’m soooo going to buy this game, after it becomes available for Linux :) looks cool.

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