Tux Games Sale

April 11th, 2011 by Crusader

Institutional Linux games retailer Tux Games is in the midst of a sale:

The Tux Games Giant Sale is now running. We are discounting everything! LGP, Loki, you name it!
All standard boxed games at $13 (about £8) OR LESS from tomorrow for a whole week, until midnight at the end of 14th april!
Special editions also have big discounts, and nothing that is in a box is the same price as it was before the sale started!

10 Responses to “Tux Games Sale”

  1. leszek Says:

    Wupra also have sale ;)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Everything at TuxGames is being sold for 13 dullars except the $50 Gift Voucher.

    Why only $13 now, or are you intending to pass-on the bad luck to the customer?

  3. Venn Says:

    Ever look at something and say “ah, that’s about to go tits up” ?

  4. MNKyDeth Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Been a while since I bought any Linux games. Just bought all of the download ones. X2, X3, Ballistics, Sacred, Jets’n’guns, shadowgrounds and survivor.

    If I had a few more bucks to spare toward games I would have grabbed as many of the box + download games that are available. Honestly I hate boxed games now, to much clutter, better to just have them download and then backed up to two different mediums for storage.

  5. Swanny Says:

    And their website appears down again… Shame as I was going originally going to buy both Shadowground games before their hard drive failure last year and subsequent backup failure shenanigans.

  6. tonyrh Says:

    Don’t want to be harsh, but you can get both Shadowground games in the upcoming humble bundle 3.
    Of course they’ll come in multiplatform and DRM-free flavour.

  7. DirtyCamper Says:

    Hmmmm, did anyone order a boxed game and actually receive it? Or at least a confirmation of the order by e-mail?
    Just getting worried because they also do not reply to e-mail :-(.

  8. suckerville Says:

    I have the same problem DirtyCamper.

    I ordered games for about $100 on April 13, sent them an email on April 26 and i even queried lgpmichael (owner of LGP/Tuxgames) on IRC with this, no reply. Not even a confirmation mail, though i did get a mail from their “spamfilter” requiring me to “authenticate” the email paypal apparently sent them for my payment.

  9. eddward Says:

    I’m in a similar boat. One of the items I ordered was download-able. I got a email on 4/12 confirming my credit card and providing a download link. I emailed sales@ on 5/7 and have not received a reply. I sent a second email, this time to service@ and decided to see if others have had similar experiences. Now I am getting a little concerned.

  10. eddward Says:

    I don’t know if anyone else is still following this. I just heard back from LGP. They were backed up after the sale. They say they are working on getting the orders out and also working on their distribution to be more prepared in the future. I just thought I’d share since that’s all I wanted to hear. :-)

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