Spiral Knights Released!

April 7th, 2011 by Crusader

Three Rings Design (who developed Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates) has released a new MMO – Spiral Knights:

You have crashed.

You are stranded.

But you are not alone.

The Spiral Knights have awoken on an alien world. Their equipment stores have been raided and their starship, The Skylark, will not recover from the crash. Now they must work together to survive on a journey that will take them to the very core of the world.

It’s Java-based (between this and Minecraft, I’ve completely changed how I feel about Java games), and the site’s download page actually provides a Linux installer! There’s a wiki and a forum; the game itself is free, but an in-game “energy” mechanic limits your play to about an hour per day (you can choose to purchase more time). Here’s a bit more from the release announcement:

Finally, to all of our players I hope you enjoy the world that we have created for you. To me, it’s the best kind of world there is- a fun and mysterious place with equal parts fearsome monsters and good friends to have your back. But this world is special, it’s built to change. New adventures are coming, ones that require only the bravest of knights to band together and take the plunge.

See you in the Clockworks.

Also, the Linux Game Cast has posted their first look at the game.

5 Responses to “Spiral Knights Released!”

  1. Nemoder Says:

    It’s also worth mentioning they’ve released a lot of their engine and tools as open source:

  2. nod51 Says:

    now that multi CPUs and 4gb+memory is the norm Java is great!

    Fun game, I like how you level your equipment not your character, at least from what I can tell so far. It seems very casual to me and I can stop playing whenever I want, I swear!

  3. kappa Says:

    @nod51 are you implying that Java is a memory/CPU hog? pretty much an out dated myth these days as its all using a pretty fast JIT. Spiral Knights uses OpenGL and most of the time spent and power used is on the GPU side, the speed of the programming language is pretty much irrelevant in this case.

  4. nod51 Says:

    I am saying that with modern GC being threaded it can utilize multiple CPUs causing less GC ‘pauses’, also brings partial multiple CPU support even on single threaded programs.

    As for a memory hog, needing ~1G of memory for a 64bit Minecraft server, Eclipse using 550+MB when I just opened it up, and JBoss using over 1.3G after I just started it, yeah it is still a memory hog from my experience as a professional C++ and Java developer.

    As for speed I have no complaints and find it’s 0%-10% performance hit worth the 2-5x speed I can make a useful program with it. My statement was not against Java, just replying to the ‘Java games’ statement and why it has not been relevant since 2006 (JVM 1.6) and especially when multi-core became popular (2009?).

  5. Venn Says:

    (I login and submit only when half nickered)

    BUT… wait for it, SHUT UP!

    I captured the game in 1280×720 @ 11 in the 56+ FPS area. That’s with the 10% hit of the recording software. AMD X2 2.8 9500GT. What one would expect for a “old” Linux box, no?

    It runs on little baby systems. FACT

    I’m about to rip it’s “E” system a new one.

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