Warsow 0.61

March 23rd, 2011 by Crusader

The release of Warsow version 0.61, a free first-person shooter featuring trick-jumping boars, has been announced with various bugfixes.


Download: [ ]

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  1. spartan Says:

    I just want to point out that Warsow is not open source, free but no oss.

  2. Crusader Says:

    Ack, thanks!

  3. Nemoder Says:

    When did that happen? The older versions (still in many distro repos) were all GPL based off quake2 source, did they change their engine completely?

  4. Nemoder Says:

    Nevermind, the SDK link on their download page includes the full game source (as far as I can tell)

  5. spartan Says:

    Oh, i’m sorry, i was wrong and confused. For clarification i copy what Wikipedia explains about the license.
    “Warsow’s codebase is free and open source software, distributed under the terms of the GPL; it is built upon Qfusion, an advanced modification of the Quake II engine. The artwork and other media are licensed under the proprietary WarsSow Content License, which allows the contributors of this media to use the work in a “personal portfolio” but not in any other game.”
    The artwork has a special license ( a proprietary one ), so the game is not completely OSS, but, the source is available.

  6. Crusader Says:

    Hrm, ok, thanks for checking on that all :)

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