March 21st, 2011 by Crusader

Hey y’all what’s going on.

7 Responses to “Hello”

  1. motorsep Says:

    Hola. What’s going?! No one posts users’ submissions :/ What’s going on with this website?!

  2. Crusader Says:

    Catching up now :( I apologize for the lengthy interruption.

  3. goupil Says:

    Happy to see you again.
    Like The Linux Game Tome, you are one of the pillars of Linux gaming !
    Your informations are very usefull for me.
    Thank you for your work !

    Le Bottin des Jeux Linux

  4. Nemoder Says:

    Not much.. What have you been up to?

  5. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    I’m wondering why this isn’t a vote for articles site.

    Nemoder, my system doesn’t have that font. Can you try comic sans?

  6. Nemoder Says:

    I carved that whole cave out of solid rock one block at a time. I don’t get paid enough to make the font look nice too. :P

  7. Crusader Says:

    That’s awesome.

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