Galaxy Gameworks

March 6th, 2011 by Crusader

Sam Lantinga, creator of the Simple DirectMedia Layer, has launched a new website for Galaxy Gameworks, which aims to enhance both independent and commercial game development. Other Linux game development luminaries are also quoted at the testimonial page.

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  1. Nemoder Says:

    Interesting that SDL is being offered with a commercial license that allows static linking. I wonder how many developers will use that to avoid dealing with the GPL.

  2. Conzar Says:

    How is SDL being dual licensed? Wikipedia writes that SDL was released under LGPL in 1998 and that this Galaxy Gameworks was created in 2008. Did they fork the code or something?

  3. Nemoder Says:

    How is SDL being dual licensed?

    Looks like the commercial license is only for the new SDL1.3 so they must have replaced any GPL-only code or obtained permission from all the original contributors.

  4. mauricioesilva Says:

    I never read the GPL version 3, but with the previus one you can pay to do whaterever you want with the code.

  5. Conzar Says:

    I still don’t understand how a LGPL/GPL software can be re-released with a different licence. Wasn’t the GPL specifically designed to prohibit such abhorrent behavior?

  6. Nemoder Says:

    Authors are able to place whatever license (or multiple licenses) on their work that they wish. The GPL only prohibits those receiving the work from changing the license if they choose to distribute it. You can’t lose your right to distribute works you obtained under the GPL but that doesn’t mean others can’t also use a different license if the authors offer one.

    Their FAQ is worth reading.

  7. rocchi.alessio Says:

    please, please, please someone design them a proper website. My eyes started bleeding as I opened the page.

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