The Important of Linux Gaming

March 2nd, 2011 by Crusader

Both Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Ars Technica recently posted about Jeffrey Rosen and John Graham’s speech at the Independent Game Festival about the success of the Humble Indie Bundles in general, and on Linux in particular. First, RPS:

That [Linux users buy games] was the message from philanthropic pay-what-you-want Humble Indie Bundle post-mortemers Jeffrey Rosen and John Graham, who were speaking at the IGF earlier today. The pair revealed that Mac and Linux accounted for fifty percent of revenue from the bundles, with Linux users being the most generous overall.

And from Ars:

The other secret to getting noticed was the support across multiple platforms. “Contributions from Mac and Linux users doubled our revenue for the Humble Indie Bundle,” Rosen told Ars after his talk. “Mac and Linux gamers are historically underserved by game developers, so they really appreciate the extra effort, and help you back disproportionately.”

Rosen pointed out that Linux users were the most generous in terms of what they were willing to pay for the games. “It is sad that being Windows-exclusive is the norm and it’s actually newsworthy when a developer supports another platform,” he said.

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