Greedy Car Thieves

February 23rd, 2011 by Crusader

Greedy Car Thieves is an overhead-perspective sandbox action game with single player and multiplayer game modes. Features:

  • single-player story mode where you play as both a lawman and a thug
  • multi-player mode with various game types: free for all, 1v1, team deathmatch, capture the flag, hunting, bombmatch, race
  • a lot of cars, weapons, power-ups and destructible objects that succesfully diversify the gameplay
  • fire to enemies while seating in a car as a passenger
  • precise aiming mode makes it no problem to accurately fire to enemies even from a roof (despite the fact the game exhibits an old-school top-down view)
  • delightful visual effects including ambient occlusion, dynamic per-pixel normal-mapped lighting, real-time dynamic shadows (cars headlights and sunlight with varying day-night cycle), water reflections, blooming and antialiasing
  • fast and reliable networking, based on UDP/IP protocol, minimizes game lags and provides continuous multi-player gameplay
  • map editor that lets players to easily create new cities with a lot of predefined objects and tiles

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