Overgrowth Weekly

January 31st, 2011 by Crusader

The Wolfire Games blog pointed out a new live video show, Overgrowth Weekly, that discusses development and community happenings regarding the upcoming rabbit action game, Overgrowth. Show archives are up at YouTube, and dev updates can also always be found at the official blog.

Edit: Wolfire have also posted their weekly update showcasing new features/changes in the Overgrowth alpha (available for pre-ordering customers):

  • Initial guard voice test
  • Ctrl-o to load parallax scene and play camera animation
  • New heavy footsteps for wolf
  • Fixed problem with weapons with tangent normal maps
  • Can import and play back Blender camera animations
  • Editor camera exposed to scripting
  • Sound label display to display all sound paths
  • Jumping on alternate legs
  • Loading and displaying parallax scenes with depth sort

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