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January 4th, 2011 by Crusader

The finalists for this year’s Independent Games Festival have been announced, and accolades are in order for Amnesia: the Dark Descent, Minecraft, Overgrowth, and a game I haven’t mentioned previously, A House in California:

All of the finalists announced today will be playable on the Expo show floor at the historic 25th Game Developers Conference, to be held in San Francisco starting February 28th, 2011. In addition, nearly $50,000 of prizes in various categories, including the $20,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize will be awarded to these games at the Independent Games Festival Awards on the evening of March 2nd.

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  1. jiero Says:

    Monobanda (TBA) by Bohm

    The game is currently in development and the goal is to release it in downloadable form for consoles and PC/Mac/Linux. There is no announced date and platform yet. There is no publicly released demo at this point. There will be one when the game is released though, so please be patient :) Thanks.

    Bohm is the kind of game you want to play before you go to bed. A simple and pure experience. Bohm gives you control over the life of a tree. It’s a game based on slow gameplay and the act of creation. A slow and zen-like experience without goals or a clear explanation.

    As a player you will explore the level of control you have. Growing, creating branches, pushing your tree into strange shapes, and discovering how beautiful and rewarding these simple processes can be.

    You generate and control the growth of the tree in real time. As the tree grows, so does the adaptive music. Both change and evolve over time, under the influence of buttons pressed and decisions made.

    Bohm is not about winning, but about letting yourself get carried away in an aesthetic and auditory poetic experience. An interactive homage to the beauty, slowness and peace of nature.

    Official Website
    IGF Info Page
    Video Trailer
    Screenshots/video available.

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