Xonotic 0.1 Preview Release

December 28th, 2010 by Crusader

Xonotic, a fast paced, free and open source first person shooter forked in response to the licensing of Nexuiz to Illfonic, now has its first preview release (thanks Loafers!).

Umbra With Rocket Launcher

Xonotic diverges from Nexuiz in many ways:

  • A more unified and consistent art direction.
  • Better attention to marketing and public relations.
  • Global player stats tracking system, supporting anonymous player as well.
  • Low quality textures dropped and replaced with higher quality ones.
  • More frequent releases.
  • New player models and animations.
  • New maps and modified original maps.
  • New sounds and music.
  • New stronger bot AI.
  • New HUD.
  • Some weapon models and their names changed (especially ones with “nex” prefix).
  • Use of GIT versioning system instead of SVN.

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  1. zimby Says:

    hi how do you get this game to run on Linux Mint Julia? i am new to linux so i will need a bit of a run down on how to get it running

    thank you



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