December 16th, 2010 by Crusader

What’s your game of the year? GO!

15 Responses to “GOTY?”

  1. torturedutopian Says:


  2. Havner Says:

    Definitely Amnesia.

  3. motorsep Says:

    Besides Steel Storm, it would be Star Craft 2 :)

  4. jiero Says:

    Not sure, judging Conflict Terra, Zero K, Hedgewars and tremulous(1.2).

    Those 4 above ate most of my gaming time this year.

    Oh, I missed Evolution RTS, and Spring 1944.


  5. stylee Says:

    +1 for Amnesia

  6. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    I enjoyed Aquaria the most this year from the first Humble bundle.

  7. dimko Says:

    Heroes of Newerth, 100%

  8. Ferocious Says:

    +1 Heroes of Newerth

  9. Andre4s Says:

    Quake Live

  10. pit Says:

    Eschalon: Book II

  11. nod51 Says:

    Hard for me to choose between NWN, SpringRTS, Minecraft, and Dwarf Fortress. Played them all a lot this year…

  12. znurre Says:

    Red Eclipse, Touhou – Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Regnum Online

  13. alpha Says:

    Urban Terror

  14. Conzar Says:

    Proprietary GOTY: Starcraft 2
    Free Software GOTY: Hedgewars

  15. Anonymous Says:

    >>alpha Says:
    >>Urban Terror.


    F-you, bro’. That is soooo 2002. My GOTY:


    Julian “wake-up next to a woman, dry-hump her out of her apartment, and sqauter’s rights” the Alpha: Ass-Angel.

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