Quake Live Holiday Update

December 15th, 2010 by Crusader

id Software has released a major content update for Quake Live, their browser plugin-based iteration of the Quake series: 3 new arenas for premium subscribers, 2 holiday arenas for everyone, and Premium Duel Scoreboards.

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Premium Maps:

  • Double Impact (CTF)
  • Overlord (Terra CTF)
  • Tornado (TDM/CA/FT)

Holiday Maps:

  • Silent Night (Terra CTF)
  • Winter’s Edge (FFA/FT)

Web Updates:

  • Clan Profiles – Click on a person’s clan tag from their profile page to view the clan’s basic information and roster. This section will be further expanded in future updates, and will eventually also handle clan management.
  • New awards added for DreamHack Winter 2010, MSI Fnatic Beat-IT, and the Winter Holiday 2010.
  • Spawn Protection is currently being forced off from all pro-user launched servers. The option has been removed until we address the outstanding issue/exploit.

Code Updates:

  • New Premium Duel Scoreboards – Available to Premium users online, and all players in offline bot matches, the first of our new Premium Scoreboards brings a wide range of match stat data to the in-game experience including per-weapon accuracy, damage, and frags, item pick-up tallies, average item pick-up times.
  • Added Santa model for use during the holidays, selectable within the in-game player model menus.
  • IGA ad system fixes and improvements.
  • Lightning styles now use lightmapped quality effects, regardless of r_vertexlight value.
  • Added r_mapOverbrightCap (Default 255, ): Allows you to cap the brightness of surfaces brightened by r_mapOverbrightBits (Most useful when using high values of r_mapOverBrightBits; vid_restart required after a value change).

Map Updates:

  • Asylum, Japanese Castles, House of Decay, Siberia, Trinity, and Quarantine: These maps have had lighting adjusted while in Vertex Lighting mode.
  • Battleforged: Removed grenade ammo in TDM
  • Japanese Castles: Fixed ad-wallhack-bug
  • Purgatory: Swapped RG/SG placements
  • Retribution: Added anti-camping measures for the portal room in CA, and fixed nonsolid metal supports
  • Solid: Replaced CG with LG in non-FFA gametypes
  • Space CTF: Fixed upper ledges so that you no longer step over them.

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