OilRush Release Update

December 9th, 2010 by Crusader

Linux game developer Unigine Corp., who are creating the upcoming OilRush, have announced they’re pushing back the release date for the naval strategy game:

We’ve got a piece of bad news for today: since we strive to deliver the game of the highest quality and fulfill your expectations, the release of the game is rescheduled to March 2011. The good news is that multi-player game is already wrapped up, and at the moment the work on single player campaign is in full progress. Moreover we have published several more screenshots taken during a classical tower defense mission. Check out our gallery!

2 Responses to “OilRush Release Update”

  1. dimko Says:

    i really hoped it will come out on scheduled time :( ou well, no Christmas for me this year.

  2. nod51 Says:

    Woot tower defense! The only other multiplyer TD is Warcraft 3 through wine, a native multiplayer TD will rock!
    Based on the screenshots I also assume it will have a conquest type sort of like the flash game Star Baron (I don’t know the genera name).
    Guess I can put off buying a new video card for a little longer, and hopefully after the post Christmas price drop too.

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