LGP/TuxGames/LGT Downtime

November 27th, 2010 by Crusader

Three Linux gaming sites, Linux Game Publishing, TuxGames, and the Linux Game Tome have had a considerable amount of downtime of late due to a catastrophic hardware failure. Fortunately, the Linux Game Tome is now back online, and the follow update has been posted to the remaining sites:

As of Nov 23rd, we have a few more unforseen issues in bringing all of the sites back online, but we are working through these as quickly as possible. Some sites are back online, such as penguinplay, and you can also expect to be back pretty soon. The LGP keyserver is back online, for those who rented LGP games and have been unable to play the rental versions. We have extended the rental periods for anyone affected.

We wish their staff the best of luck in returning to normal operations soon.

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