The Butterfly Effect Milestone 8

November 27th, 2010 by Crusader

The team behind The Butterfly Effect released milestone 8 of their physics puzzle game. The focus in Milestone 8 was on the Level Creator – users are now able to build their own levels.

Other new features & highlights:

  • 6 new levels, introducing the following new objects:
    • Balloon
    • Cactus (pops Balloon)
    • Bed of Nails (also pops Balloon)
    • Link (to connect two objects)
    • Translation Joint (limits movement to 1 axis, prevents rotation)
    • the ability to put a torque and/or speed on a PivotPoint
  • Many fixes to the usability of the user interface
  • Partial translations into Spanish, full translation into Dutch.
  • Many levels received fixes, the total number of levels is now 35.

Download: [ ]

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