Minecraft Multiplayer Update

November 27th, 2010 by Crusader

Notch has released a few updates for Minecraft that improve the Survivor Multiplayer mode.

Notch was also recently interviewed by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, describing the game’s genesis and roadmap:

RPS: What’s surprised you the most about how people have approached the game?

Persson: The number of videos on YouTube is pretty stunning. There are more movies about Minecraft than about Quake on there, and trying to understand why is very interesting. It’s probably related to people wanting to show off what they do. It would be really interesting to add in-game video recording capabilities.

2 Responses to “Minecraft Multiplayer Update”

  1. eNTi Says:

    even though he has implemented damage and fixed some bugs, the server has gotten unstable and gets out of sync easily now. you can’t really thinking of playing too much any more.

  2. dTd Says:

    I don’t find the server unstable, though I do find the bugs more annoying than not having damage at all. I hope he gets this sorted out as smp minecraft has such great potential.

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