Helena the 3rd

October 30th, 2010 by Crusader

Brandon Smith wrote in to announce the release of Helena the 3rd, a 3D platforming game inspired by the NES classic Blaster Master. Split-screen cooperative multiplayer using controllers is also supported.

Download: [ ]

11 Responses to “Helena the 3rd”

  1. torturedutopian Says:

    Hmm, display is buggy here (no texture etc.) / Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 + nvidia.

  2. Rustybolts Says:

    Same as above Gma4500m here Ubuntu 10.10. Shame as youtube vid made the game look quite cool.

  3. onionman77 Says:

    Thanks for letting me know guys. I’ll look into this issue and see if I can get it fixed. Sorry I’m kind of new to developing on Linux.

  4. piga Says:

    “Runs on Windows and Ubuntu (Mac on the way)”

    Not going buy this then….

  5. onionman77 Says:

    Hi Piga,

    That’s just what it was tested on. If there’s another distribution you or anyone would like that it doesn’t run on, then just let me know and I’ll get it made.

  6. piga Says:

    Okay, that is fair enough, but you should put it like that on your website. For example, maybe you should say instead of “runs on Ubuntu” you should say instead “runs on Linux (Tested on Ubuntu)”. Sorry if my comment seemed a little rude, but Linux’s strength comes from its diversity and as such we must fight against particular distro favouritism.

  7. onionman77 Says:

    Like I said, I’m new to writing programs for Linux and wasn’t sure if that was okay, so I really appreciate the help. I’ll definitely make that change.

  8. sparr Says:

    Even if I wanted to buy it (which I might), all I see at the bottom of the page where I might expect to see purchase stuff is “Missing or malformed url parameter”

  9. themixturemedia Says:

    Hey there I just tried it today on Ubuntu 10.10 and neither the 32bit or 64bit file would start at all I would double click on the game and nothing. I am going to try it in WINE and will let you know how it works out. It does suck because I use to play Blaster Master on the NES. Just a thought if you can put this game as a .deb it would make life so much easier. Now .deb will not work with all Linux Distro’s but Ubuntu is the most popular and you can not program for all.

  10. themixturemedia Says:

    Hey there just tried tha game in WINE and would not work look this game looks cool heck I would be willing to pay the 5.00 no issue with that. Make this game into a .deb for easier install and you have a deal if not then well sorry.

  11. onionman77 Says:

    Yea, the loading screen doesn’t show up for whatever reason on the linux version. I should make it a .deb.

    Anyway for now, make sure you’ve installed libalut0 (sudo apt-get install libalut0), because that’s a dependency. Then give the game some time to load (10 seconds or so?). Or run it from the command line to make sure it’s loading.

    The game doesn’t work under wine, I know.

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