Quake Live Premium Pack 3

October 28th, 2010 by Crusader

Quake Live

id Software has released a third premium pack for their subscribers to Quake Live, their browser plugin-based iteration of the Quake series.

Premium Maps Added:

  • Finnegan’s (CTF)
  • Gothic Rage (DUEL)
  • Solid (2v2 TDM)
  • Window Pain (Small CA)

Additional changes after the jump.

Web Updates:

  • Fixed password prompt for privately launched servers preventing users from easily joining passworded matches. (Play Button Fix)
  • Added a new pre-roll video ad player for standard user’s match joins.

Code Updates:

  • Added Chat Tokens for Subscribers. Works on online servers when used in ‘Team Say’ messages:
    • #h – Current health value
    • #a – Current armor value
    • #w – Current weapon & ammo count
    • ## – To print the character ‘#’
  • Added Chain Jumping (Small acceleration boosts gained by performing closely timed sequences of jumps).
  • Added ‘Thaws’ to the in-game and end-game scoreboard in FreezeTag
  • Added AutoThaw in FreezeTag, frozen players now auto-thaw after 120 seconds.
  • Added thaw tick sound in FreezeTag.
  • Added cg_drawCrosshairTeamHealthSize upon request, to allow you to set the font size (between 0.10f and 0.26f) of the teammate health/armor read-out on teammate crosshair hovers.
  • Added ‘find’ command to substring (case-sensitive) search the console history
  • Changed FreezeTag such that Quad & Battle Suit power-ups do not persist across FT rounds.
  • Changed the nailgun to now fire 10 nails @ 12 damage each (instead of 15nails x 8dmg).
  • Changed the nailgun spread from 500 to 400.
  • Changed the nail speed from 900 to 1000.
  • Changed Flight power-up into a holdable jetpack, hold the ‘use’ key to boost.
  • Changed Quad factor from 4x to 3x.
  • Changed Spectator CompHud Scoreboard highlight color, it (yellow) proved illegible on most streams and projections for Duel. I’ve kept the use of cg_team_colorized in team gametypes, but now use a higher contrast gray in non-team gametypes.
  • Changed Stepheight from 18 to 22.
  • Changed the default ‘rate’ value from 8000 to 16000, now restrict its range from 8000 to 25000.
  • Fixed hitching that would occur when connection was lost to the XMPP network.
  • Fix for telefrags not killing spawn protected players in instagib (which resulted in them becoming invulnerable, instead of telefragged).
  • Fix for double countdown in FreezeTag.
  • Fixed alias command string limit getting truncated to 64 instead of the full 256 characters.
  • Fixed cg_forceEnemyModel defaults to now properly load “keel/bright”.
  • Fixed old qzdm3 demos to now properly redirect to ‘hearth’ instead of ‘arenaofdeath’
  • Fixed bot item knowledge, bots should better time items.

Notable Map Updates:

  • Almost Lost (Team location information added)
  • Base Siege (Replaced Invincibility with Regen)
  • Hidden Fortress (Team location information added)
  • Purgatory (Swapped RG w/ SG near BS, Moved BS RL closer to BS)
  • Somewhat Damaged (Removed missing ambient sound)
  • Thunderstruck (Now cloudy with a 40% chance of precipitation)
  • Trinity (Fixed mh/quad spawn in FT)

2 Responses to “Quake Live Premium Pack 3”

  1. chammy Says:

    Agh, the Quad is no longer a quad and you don’t have to strafe jump? Not cool…

  2. Crusader Says:

    Well, to be fair, the Quad Damage powerup was only a 3x multiplier in Q3A as well.

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