Unreal Tournament 402B

December 31st, 1999 by Crusader

Epic MegaGames’ coder Brandon Reinhart updated his .plan this evening to announce the release of Unreal Tournament version 402B for Linux:

A new patch for UT Linux is available at Followthe link to the project root page and download from the column onthe right. Feel free to leave bug reports, but please register withSource Forge first so I can contact you if necessary.

This patch is version 402B and is a Linux patch only. It contains fixesfor two critical Linux issues:
* UT Linux now runs under Enlightenment.
* UT Linux will properly shutdown glide after a critical crash.
It also has a few other fixes and incidentals.

There will be no 402B patch for Windows. The next multiplatform UTpatch will be 403 (we’ll probably release the first UT expansion packaround that time).

I will release the open source archives tonight or tomorrow, dependingon how long it takes to get organized.

The UT open source project page also contains debugging binaries. Youcan read about these in the Announcements forum. WEB SITES: Please don’tmirror these, they are 20 megs each and its not necessary formost users to get them, only programmers will want them. Running thegame with debugging libraries is slow and not a good idea for mostpeople. Mirroring them on fan sites is probably not appropriate.

There are binary archives for guard and slowguard. You can readabout the difference on the site.

Unreal Tournament Version 402B Binary Patch:

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  1. BeanDip Says:

    Telnet into your box and kill it with a signal 15.
    It will exit nicely and leave you stable. Don’t do a -9 or -11 it will fuck your video up still.

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