Unreal Maps and Linux UT

December 31st, 1999 by Crusader

Matt sent in the following tips to get Unreal 1 maps working under Linux Unreal Tournament:

Just a quick note about something that LG readers might want to knowabout. I’ve tested some of the original Unreal maps (off of my UnrealCD) with UT Linux and they work well. The best part is that you don’teven have to copy them onto your hard drive if you don’t want to. Ijust made symbolic links between the mounted CD and my Maps directoryand then they’ll load off of the CD directly. Note that you might needto name the links accordingly (like DmAriza.unr having a link namedDM-Ariza.unr to match the naming convention in UT). One would thinkthat using this compatibility that a Linux client that played the Unrealsingle player game could be cobbled together.

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  1. hobbit Says:

    It would be nice if you (Matt) that have already built a successful set of symbolic links for the maps, make a script that creates all of them with the correct names and distribute it.
    Just a suggestion

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