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October 16th, 2010 by Crusader interviewed id Software’s Tim Willits and Jason Kim (creative director and senior producer respectively) about the venerable first-person shooter developer’s next title, RAGE:

At its core it’s definitely a first person shooter, but we basically came up with the idea for Rage when John was developing the technology and he was working on some prototypes and experiments, and we saw the potential of being able to create much larger areas than in the past with a very unique texture landscape.

Many of the questions center around PC (Windows) vs. Console focus and development; the problems and arguments mirror those that surround Linux gaming: it’s difficult to exclusively support a smaller audience in today’s market. Fortunately, just as many indie developers support Linux, id still supports the PC:

With that said, there isn’t anything that we’re not doing on the PC, that we’re doing on the console – and vice versa. The content is exactly the same across all platforms. We’ll have not just content but technology parity across everything. The PC, the only difference is that you’ll be at your desk, more than likely, and you’ll have a keyboard and mouse.

Regarding RAGE itself and Linux specifically, id’s Timothee Besset commented about it last year at his blog; short version, while there’s no firm commitment (which is normal!), a port will likely happen as it has in the past.

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