L-L-Look at you Hacker!

October 16th, 2010 by Crusader

Eurogamer has posted a retrospective review of Uplink, the black hat hacker-themed game from Introversion first published in 2001.

I had forgotten this, but Uplink was set in the year 2010:

This is a time when gateway computers would be able to handle as many as eight CPUs. Which is, um, pretty accurate. What’s slightly less accurate is Introversion’s optimism that by now they’d be running at 200GHz. I’d like me one of those 200Gig Octo-cores very much. I’m also not entirely clear what a Gq is, and therefore can’t figure out if 32Gq of RAM is good.

The article skillfully examines what made the gameplay compelling, and ultimately concludes that the game is still “properly great”. I need to revisit it myself, as I’ve played it off and on over the years without ever nearing the endgame.

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  1. M1AU Says:

    Oh Introversion. They lost me while not releasing Multiwinia for Linux as expected. :(
    The previous games where fine though.

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