Whatcha Been Playin’?

October 13th, 2010 by Crusader


…haven’t had a lot of gaming time lately :\

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  1. dimko Says:

    Heroes of Newerth here…
    Failed to complete Amnesia demo, too scary…

  2. nod51 Says:

    Dwarf Fortress
    Never Winter Nights

  3. Linux-SWAT Says:

    Urban terror
    Some true combat. Can’t wait for the next version.

    Non-free :
    Megadrive/genesis emulation
    I stopped playing starcraft 2 because it’s boring and very unbalanced. SC1 is far more better.

  4. eyerobot Says:

    Iv’e been playing the heck out of Widelands. I know its still very beta, But I can relax, And try to outsmart the game AI.

  5. nod51 Says:

    Be careful about StarCraft2, if you try to make it more interesting SINGLE player they will take the game back and keep your money, but I guess you can’t buy SC2, only lease it.

    Was at LAN party couple weeks go, saw someone playing SC2, I asked “hmm SC2, that will run in wine and there are 3 others people that don’t have it here, lets install a multi-player spawn like Starcraft1″ to which there were many laughs. We played Spring and WZ2100 instead.

    Some other observations (not by me as I have not rented Starcraft2)

  6. bart9h Says:

    Mines3D, Netwalk (Eaglemode)
    SpringRTS (but it’s been harder and harder find time for it ):

  7. piga Says:

    I have been playing through all of the Penumbra games recently as well as playing Quake 4, as well as feeding my Quake 3 habit. I should really also get back to my half-finished Shogo game at some point.

  8. ChrisRada Says:


  9. jiero Says:

    Tremulous GPP

    Zero K

    Evolution RTS


    Random games I fetched from news website – like those from Linuxgames/moddb
    Including recent titles: Shadow Clones ( just the Linux portable version new released), Warlock’s Gauntlet (similar to Gauntlet/Diablo)

  10. DirtyCamper Says:

    I already finished Amnesia. Ah bah! I really felt terrible when I faced the horrors that humankind once did, and probably still does. I mean “Ah bah!” in a positive way. Amnesia rocks, as all games from frictional…
    Currently I am doing:
    * divine-divinity from GOG using playonlinux/wine on my core i7 920 with a vapor-x hd4890 crossfire setup.
    * Parallel kingdom on the toilet with my G1.
    * Planescape Torment, Baldurs Gate 1 and icewind dale from GOG using gemrb on my open-pandora.

    I am probably going to do freespace 2 again, but I probably need to recompile it :-).

  11. Nate Wiebe Says:

    Amnesia, Minecraft, CS:S, HL2, TF2, Portal, SuperTux Kart, 0AD, Chromium BSU, Nexuiz, World of Goo, Machinarium. In no particular order.

    Valve needs to port their games to Linux.

  12. icaruslnx Says:

    Amnesia, UT2004, Quake Wars, Darwinia and Osmos.
    Using Wine – Dungeons and Dragons Online, Fallout3 and Oblivion.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been busy sourcing/converting Quake3 down to the Quake2 engine and trying to change some protocols around to make a universal serval that will allow a Quake2 client and Quake3 client interact with eachother. Been working on this for a couple years in my spare time. My goal is the server can have it’s own map format to compile maps for each game engine to download either directly or by website, that they all can play together.

    Someone, anyone, plz feel free to do better.

  14. kaa-ching Says:

    A lot of KPatience, Amnesia, Osmos and (through Crossover Games) The Sims 3.
    Oh, and The Butterfly Effect, of course :-)

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