Duffy on Linux Q3A Tools

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

id Software’s Robert Duffy was kind enough to answer a few questions on IRC ( #qeradiant) last night related to the source release of the Quake 3: Arena mapping tools and their portability to Linux:

<raduffy> q3map should compile and run fine under linux

<CrusadeR> raduffy: has loki’s coders requested taking a crack at porting q3radiant? they ported bungie’s myth 2 mapping tools earlier this year…
<raduffy> no, loki’s coders have not

<raduffy> the tool and game source will be out after the point release
<raduffy> and yes q3r will be there too
<raduffy> the new stuff i am/will be working on will probably be multi-os

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