Amnesia: The Dark Descent Linux Update 1.0.1

October 9th, 2010 by Crusader

Many thanks to Nemoder for letting us know that Frictional Games’ latest adventure/horror game has been updated to fix a few crashes and many level design bugs.

Here is the full changelog and download link.

On a related note the infamous Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw has posted his hilarious Zero Punctuation review of the game.

3 Responses to “Amnesia: The Dark Descent Linux Update 1.0.1”

  1. Nemoder Says:

    Oh! New sales stats up, how did i miss that:

  2. nod51 Says:

    Glad to hear they made enough money to make another game, sorry to hear they will not be making as much as they should. Still after reading it:
    1) 5% Linux for initial sales, not bad, but seems we have seen 5% since Doom3 unless I am mistaken?
    2) Wonder what the guesstimated piracy per platform is.
    3) Why not release it for consoles now? Do consoles have some expensive ($100k+) dev kit that requires you sell X amount before making a profit? I figure they have DX10/11 (XB360) and OGL renders, adding OGL-ES (PS3/Wii) ‘might’ not be that hard…
    4) Amnesia vs Minecraft = [scares the )(&^ out of me just watching videos] vs [scares me some when I hear a zombie noise but then I KILL IT!]
    5) you can pirate Minecraft for single player, once you are up-to-date tgz it up and play off-line, but for ~$14US you get updates and little bonuses.

    Idea (but not original): Amnesia2 may have been able to make mini chapters at $5 or $10 a piece (micro payments… ugg), every 2-4 weeks and allow those with accounts automatically get updates or something. I don’t like that myself, but it sure make pirating a pain unless you wait for the final chapter.

    I have not played Amnesia mainly because I would likely need a newer video card (ATi 3300 enough?) but mainly the above mentioned ‘scares me too much’. So in a way congrats on making a scary as hell game, and thus I will not buy it for me at least (I have a friend that will enjoy it and it can be a present). So although I want to buy every Linux game ever made to support them, I pick the ones I want to play too.

    Now if FictionalGames (or anyone) makes a DnD 3.5/4 rules multi-player game like NWN (which I still play) along with the ability to mod just about everything (like starting classes!) and d/l mod+map on server join, point me to the preorder page!

  3. M1AU Says:

    Basically what nod51 said. I pre-ordered Amnesia simply because it has a Linux version and I wanted to support it, but I actually don’t like scary games that much. I think with there engine in mind, it could be possible to make a Deus Ex (the first chapter of course) or Thief like game with maybe a SciFi story backed up. That would be my imagination of a simply awesome game!

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