IT-HE RPG Engine 0.06

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Joseph P Morris has released version 0.06 of the IT-HE RPG Engine, a “cross-platform computer role-playing-game engine similar to Ultima 6″. Screenshots are available here; 0.06 changes include:

  • Detailed demo environment, with many Easter Eggs for you to discover.
  • Linux and BeOS support for the editors
  • Improved AI system with A-Star routefinding
  • Advanced character tasking and scheduling
  • Characters can now be male or female
  • Balanced weight and health, improved status area
  • Partial-invisibity (invisibility potion)
  • Day and night
  • Object animation can be random and animations can be spliced together
  • Water that you can throw objects into and boats to cross it with
  • Animating and scrolling map tiles (only sprites could animate before)
  • Experimental support for sounds fading with distance
  • PCX loader bugfixes (works with small images now)
  • JPEG support (intended for backdrop images etc)
  • Major overhaul of combat system, including guns and other ranged weapons
  • Multicoloured font support
  • Karma support
  • Better fading
  • User-definable calendar
  • A bank, featuring cashiers, ATMs, cashcards and the ability to deposit money

IT-HE RPG Engine 0.06 Download:

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