24 Addictive Free Linux Games

August 13th, 2010 by Crusader

LinuxLinks is posting a three-part article delineating twenty-four “addictive” free Linux games:

Many of the LinuxLinks crew grew up playing games on the ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit personal home computer. By today’s standards, the games were simple with basic graphics plagued by attribute clash and primitive sound generation. However, this did not stop the best games being incredibly addictive. The famous Crash magazine (a monthly publication devoted to the ZX Spectrum) used to rate games by their addictive qualities. This was often the rating that interested us the most.

The purpose of this article is to identify some of our favourite free Linux games which have these addictive qualities. They may not offer breathtaking graphics, innovative ideas, or the highest presentation. However, what they do provide is great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

Part One and Part Two have been posted to date.

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  1. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    I hate that site.

    “The bwshare module will refuse your requests for the next 3 seconds.
    You have downloaded data too rapidly. ”

    It takes a week to visit all the pages.

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