QuakeLive Out of Beta; I’m Missing QuakeCon; Oh hey Wolf:ET Source

August 12th, 2010 by Crusader

This is a quick one as I’m pressed for time:

QuakeLive is out of beta, and now has subscription tiers with additional features. I ran into a libpng issue with the current build, but this forum thread was helpful in resolving it.

I’m missing QuakeCon for the first time since… 1997 I guess. Fortunately, Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo is liveblogging the event and captured this info from Carmack’s (ongoing) speech:

  • 2:35: Says id was looking at Quake Live as a bellweather for Linux, says that more people play Quake Live on Linux than on Mac, but it’s a small amount
  • 2:35: Says he uses Linux on his rocket work but that he’s disappointed by Linux desktops
  • 2:35: talks about how there’s a lack of “give a damn about user experience” on them
  • 2:36: but he said he installed a new version recently and found it “neat,” that it is coming together and works nicely now
  • 2:36: But still isn’t about to put a game out on it.

By “put a game out on it”, I’m assuming he means at retail, as id has previously stated they would still continue to port their games and provide Linux binaries for them. I hadn’t heard that stat about Linux users for QL; that’s encouraging.

Alsoooo, Carmack mentioned during the speech that the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory source code is being released today:

Talking about how he wanted to get Wolfenstein Enemy Territory “stuff” out… E-mailed to do that a day after QuakeCon. Bosses said that would be something for the lawyers to sort out. Never contacted the lawyers. Had Todd follow up with the lawyers. And so now the source code for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is available on the id FTP now. Should be a press release about it shortly

I can’t login to the id FTP at present, but once it’s available we’ll update, as well as when the inevitable projects using it get going ;)

Edit: It’s up, thanks to kevlarman for the URLs; and it’s the full RTCW sources, not just ET(!): – Enemy Territory – Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Multiplayer) – Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Single Player)

Edit #2: In response to an audience question about Linux support, Carmack stated that it’s “really hard to justify the benefits” of porting to Linux, and projects like Wine “make more sense”, but they’ll continue to support open source at id. Previous high-profile id efforts for Linux (Quake III: Arena in particular) had “pretty negative” results, but he believes that Linux will have a role in future cloud gaming efforts.

6 Responses to “QuakeLive Out of Beta; I’m Missing QuakeCon; Oh hey Wolf:ET Source”

  1. iuri Says:

    Wow!! I love Enemy territory and now the audio problem may be solved! And some librarys may be updated :D

  2. piga Says:

    Great to see more id code coming to the community, I wonder if there will be any RTCW and ET code making its way into ioquake3 anytime soon? When it comes to Carmack’s comments, nothing new here, move along. As long as we have our man on the inside (Timothee Besset), we will get our native versions of Rage and the like. But it will be really up to the Indies to prove Carmack wrong, and so far they are doing a more than adequate job at that.

  3. piga Says:

    This is also of interest:

    “Carmack is still “spot-surveying” the Android market to determine if it’s worth supporting. He said it won’t happen “this cycle” but he’ll reevaluate in about six months.”

  4. albertolp Says:

    great to hear!
    they should give away the graphics to make the transaction complete :)

  5. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    More candy from the best game company I know. Would be nice to get a ET that supports pulse.

  6. nod51 Says:

    What? Sorry I was playing Dwarf Fortress, did something happen?

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