OpenPandora and You

August 2nd, 2010 by Crusader

One of our readers, Maquis196, will be receiving an OpenPandora game console soon and was wondering if any other LinuxGames readers have ordered or already have the system. If so, what are you playing on it?

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  1. protomank Says:

    I’ve god one a bit different, a Dingoo A-320. I plan to port my game for it, and also hope it is not hard to port to other ones, such as Pandora.

  2. jsw Says:

    I’ve got one pre-ordered, although I plan to use it more as a pocket-sized Netbook that can also play games if needed than as a dedicated game console. It’s going to be replacing my EEE 701 much moreso than my DS.

  3. clean3d Says:

    I’ve got one. I mostly use it for for scummVM to play Beneath a Steel Sky right now, although I also play some Commander Keen with it. I think the real fun is going to happen after the first batch is entirely delivered (only about 650 people have theirs now – the full first batch is 4000). People will start creating more homebrew games, which is what really interests me.

    oh yes, and web browsing. I use it for that, too.

  4. zoot Says:

    Preordered a Pandora, but have not received mine yet. I plan on web browsing, movie watching, and gaming when it arrives.

  5. eyecreate Says:

    Preordered one too, but not received. Can’t wait,will use for some gaming and web browsing.(and whatever I can make it do.)

  6. Maquis196 Says:

    Ah it seems most of us are waiting, I had a look at the “app” website for it and there seems very little in the way of non-emulated stuff on there.

    Might need to learn something to tweak dosbox. I have a n900 with a similar processor to the openpandora and dosbox is SLOW. Well too slow to play Master of Orion 2 thats for sure.

    Time to port everything to ARM now!

  7. nod51 Says:

    [copy what zoot (4) said]

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