Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her

July 21st, 2010 by Crusader

Thanks to humberto for letting us know Space Dream Factory have released their first beta of the game Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her for Linux.

Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her is a freeware space combat simulator game set in the universe of Babylon 5 with Newtonian-based physics and 3-axis movement. There’s an eight mission story mode and a multiplayer/simulator mode; additionally, other custom missions are available.

Screenshots: [ View ] Download [ ]

EDIT: Thanks to a reader for pointing out this forum thread, where the developers are looking for feedback from Linux users.

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  1. piga Says:

    Cool, I was just watching Babylon 5 earlier today, though I have to wonder how legal the game is…

    I won’t tell Warner Brothers if you wont. ;)

  2. piga Says:

    This link should have been included in the article:

    They are seeking responses.

  3. humberto Says:

    This game has been released for win and mac several years ago and now has a beta release for GNU/Linux.

    So if anyone plays this game or have any bugs just pass by the forum and let it know.

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