A Tale in the Desert 4 End-Game

July 12th, 2010 by Crusader

The fourth telling of A Tale in the Desert, a community-oriented MMORPG set in ancient Egypt, is coming to a close as described in this press release (thanks Blue):

A Tale in the Desert 4 is swiftly coming to a close and eGenesis has announced the end-game activities. Players will vote on which of the two brothers who have been dividing Egypt all tale are to be Pharaoh. In doing so, players will also be choosing whether to have new tests or new technologies coded in A Tale in the Desert 5.

The sons of Pharaoh, who passed away after A Tale in the Desert 3, have been pulling the players in opposite directions since A Tale in the Desert 4 began. Sami believes in living the good life and in leisure, while Wahim thinks hard work and challenges are the way to find meaning. Finally the players will get a say as they choose between Sami and Wahim. The winner of a server-wide election will become the Pharaoh of Egypt as it moves into A Tale in the Desert 5.

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  1. Nemoder Says:

    There are two shards of the game world with the Tale4 tests and the Bastet shard will still be running for some time.

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