Aquaria Source Released

July 7th, 2010 by Crusader

Catch-up time: Following in the footsteps of other Humble Indie Bundle titles, the source code to Aquaria was released by Alec Holowka:

Releasing code is hard for me. It’s always imperfect (or in my case, mostly a mess) and it feels extremely personal. Especially with Aquaria – a game that involved a lot of stress and heartbreak over the course of its development. (a significant portion of the code was written while under the influence of Canadian Club Whisky)


In any case, hopefully some people will find the code useful, and hopefully some will manage to improve it.
You can find the details of the code over at And much thanks to the amazing Ryan C. Gordon for porting the game to Linux (and Mac again) and organizing the open source release. What a guy.

Here’s a tally of the games that have released source code under the Humble auspices to date:

Penumbra: OvertureSource

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  1. etam Says:

    There is also freegish: gish engine with free assets

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