Mattery – HoMM Like Browser Strategy – 1.36

July 10th, 2010 by Crusader

Thanks to the creator of Mattery, an online browser strategy game, for sending us a heads up about the release of version 1.36:

  • New Skeleton hero for Undead race has been created.
  • But Mage now has became a unique hero for Human race.
  • New color for 8+ level heroes has been created.
  • NPC Lighning bug has been fixed.
  • New Item Wizard’s Hat has been created.
  • Many minor and major bug fixings.
  • Speed optimization based on helping data structures for faster data access.
  • The button “SELL ALL UNEQUIPPED” has been added to SHOP.
  • The new spell available for a Wizard after 5th level Fireball has been created.
  • The new NPC – Skeletons & Vampires has been created
  • The source code size has been reached 243 KB.


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