QMC2 0.2.b15

May 28th, 2010 by Marv

Version 0.2.b15 of QMC2, a M.A.M.E. GUI front end, has been announced. This release has the following new features as part of it:

  • Added optional support for catver.ini from to all MAME targets — this includes two new optional/on-demand columns and views (category, version)
  • Added a new ROM types column to all game/machine lists
  • The exit/stop button now blinks when there’s background activity to indicate the activity itself as well as the button’s seconds function
  • A new option (PlayOnSublistActivation) has been added to allow for direct launching of a game/machine when it’s activated in the search-, favorites- or played-lists
  • The MP3 player now also handles MP3 streams (just add a valid stream URL instead of a local file name)

Download: [ QMC2 0.2.b15 ]

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