Whatcha Been Playing?

May 19th, 2010 by Crusader

Been behind, blah blah blah, should get to regular updates shortly.
Soooo, in more interesting news – what are you playing right now? Linux titles only please :)

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  1. lulzoreoz Says:

    Penumbra Overture from the Humble Bundle(

  2. jsheedy Says:

    Ditto to lulzoreoz

  3. ge0rdie Says:

    IO Urban Terror – excellent FPS with lots of active servers , clients for Linux/Mac/Win

  4. qubodup Says:

    Lugaru from time to time.

    Testing from time to time, the community is being active.

    Trying to fingure out which I got today. Pretty……… advanced.. simple and complex.. a bit hard to figure out..

    Also, – a web title, sorry for breaking the rule :3

  5. eddward Says:

    Mainly X2. Finished the story and trying to get some Cap ships and wipe out some enemy sectors for fun.

    Experimenting a little with Penumbra Overture. (Yay Humble Indies!)

    Eschalon Book 2 will be my next big game. Penumbra or Coldwar will be after that.

    Current <5min time killers: Lugaru, Osmos, Galcon (the demo, I haven't bought it yet) & My Tribe (working on a Methuselah).

  6. piga Says:

    Well, I won it in a contest, so I have been playing some Osmos recently:

    I finished playing through the Penumbra Collection last month, though I expect I will return to it again in the not so distant future. I also recently worked my way through Lugaru HD, and I am looking forward to Overgrowth. And of course I always take the time to stop and visit my old favourites from id. Just had another Quake III match before posting this. Who says there are no games on Linux? ;D

  7. Trizt Says:

    The one and only xBill

  8. etam Says:

    I’ve packed levelhead (and all dependencies) into rpms for openSuSE

  9. Maquis196 Says:

    I’ve been going old school; been playing my (legal and proudly owned) copy of Alpha Centauri.

    Shadowgrounds is after that, want to complete that so I can get on and buy the next one.

    Viva la Linux gaming!

  10. pit Says:

    Stuff I always come back to:
    Ouake, Hexen II, Gish, Dirk Dashing, Einstein, Simon Tathams Puzzle Collection

    Playing now:
    Eduke32, HCraft, Blobwars

    Just bought the HIB (mostly because of Aquaria), but haven’t installed it yet.

    Eagerly awaiting May 26 to order Eschalon Book II

  11. Agrajag Says:

    Mostly ioquake3 bot matches… (I’m too rusty to last long against real people these days or else I’d play more Quake Live instead…)

    But, I’ve had an itch to go back to MindRover lately, so I might fire that up soon… I love that game, but I really wish there were more new levels/scenarios available for it…

  12. jiero Says:

    I played Spring Engine RTS games a lot recently. Spring 1944, Evolution RTS, Complete Annihilation, Kernel Panic, The Cursed and Nanoblobs. Other games including Globulation2, Urban Terror and Tremulous 1.2beta.

  13. Frobozz Says:

    Now that the new Linux binary’s dropped, Dwarf Fortress!

  14. stylee Says:

    OpenArena forever… I just play an OA LAN party at home with my friends at least once a month!

  15. Andre4s Says:

    Quake Live. I had forgotten how fun it was to play some simple DM. This is awsome, Try it.

    Also trying to install Survivor. But having some problems.

  16. leszek Says:

    Candy Cruncher
    Sacred Gold

  17. gitas Says:

    REGNUM ONLINE mostly . Im pretty shocked that nobody has mentioned it before and

  18. Thomas Says:

    Urbanterror, urbanterror and even more urbanterror.
    I play quite a lot with our clan, I just love its gameplay, and on my GTS 250 on 1920×1080 with AA and AF on max it looks awesome :D

  19. skipper_gmr Says:

    I play in Linux :)

  20. piga Says:

    Well, gitas, not everyone has a good enough internet connection to play on-line games. If I did I would definitely give at least QuakeLive a try..

  21. Ferocious Says:

    Heroes of Newerth

  22. Nemoder Says:

    Savage 2 and Heroes of Newerth when I feel like raging.
    Osmos and A Tale in the Desert 4 when I want to calm back down again.

  23. dorpsgek Says:

    An oldie, Kingpin.

  24. piga Says:

    If we are going to be talking about older shooters, I played through Soldier of Fortune and Shogo: Mobile Armour Division again not that long ago. Shame we never got SoF 2 on Linux. :(

  25. vadi Says:

    Heroes of Newerth

  26. dTd Says:

    Neverwinter nights linux binary , doom3, quake4, ioquake3.
    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Enemy Territory free release.

  27. Andre4s Says:


  28. Andre4s Says:


  29. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    Games here

    and the humble bundle

  30. clump Says:

    Lugaru (thanks for the source!)
    Urban Terror (until I got bored of immature people online)
    Crack Attack

  31. Trizt Says:

    gitas said:
    REGNUM ONLINE mostly . Im pretty shocked that nobody has mentioned it before

    Who keeps track of web games, even if the servers runs debian, maybe it’s big in Argentina…

  32. gitas Says:

    gitas said:
    "REGNUM ONLINE mostly . Im pretty shocked that nobody has mentioned it before"

    Who keeps track of web games, even if the servers runs debian, maybe it’s big in Argentina…

    Lovely. For next time Tritzt please think what you are about to write for atleast 5 minutes.
    Regnum Online is a MMORPG with native Linux client not web based game like Farmville.

  33. gatomiador Says:


  34. infwonder Says:

    gridwars2, Nexuiz, World of Goo …

  35. M1AU Says:

    Eschalon Book II

  36. xavi Says:

    Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

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