Porting Osmos

May 22nd, 2010 by Marv

The first of three daily installments of the Linux post-mortem of Hemisphere Games’ Osmos has gone live on the developer’s website:

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the release of Osmos on Linux. Even before I had finished the port, we had been invited by a few members of the Linux community to do a post-mortem on our experiences. We were asked, “What would have made the port easier?” It was pointed out to us that while some indie developer forays into Linux had resulted in drama (viz. John Blow’s inquiries into Linux back in August 2008 as he was considering porting Braid to Linux), it was hoped that more indies would “take the plunge” and share their experiences with the Linux community, to work together towards developing Linux into a platform for gaming.

Our response was, “Great idea!” Last week, when I finally had time to sit down and begin writing, I discovered there was quite a lot to say…

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