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May 9th, 2010 by Crusader

A reader asked us to highlight a discussion thread on the Ubuntu Forums about Linux Game Publishing and the recent paucity of port releases:

LGP – Disciples 2 , when?

It’s no secret that I’ve been a bit out of the loop lately with regards to news, so I’m opening up this comment thread for you to post your take on the situation; I might gin up something myself later on.

Edit: GamingOnLinux received a response from LGP:

The community deserves answers certainly, but as has been (somewhat colourfully) pointed out in the thread, there are still the cases of Bandits and Disciples. We want to avoid another story like those, however unlikely that might be.

That said, we are working on several projects at the moment, and I’m hoping we can announce something soon, and I’m talking to our project teams to see when I might be able to pass something on to the community, and as soon as I get a go for that I’ll get it out there.

Until that though, there’s not much that can be done. I will be running another giveaway soon (prepping a blogpost about it, just checking some things internally first) to try to keep up some level of public activity.

7 Responses to “LGP Open Discussion”

  1. torturedutopian Says:

    Does it really make sense to carry on the Disciples 2 port in 2010 ? This game has been working perfectly for ages under wine, and you can get it + its expansions at $5.99 on GoG..

    However, I did appreciate the latest LGP Games (shadowgrounds) that were quite recent and very enjoyable.

  2. Andre4s Says:

    LGP probebly have payed money to do the Linux port. So I dont think they want to scrap it totaly. But like you say it is an old game. I have heard something that the code base for Disciples 2 is hard to port/understand.

  3. liamdawe Says:

    @torturedutopian LGP didn’t port Shadowgrounds or Survivor, Igios did, LGP only “publish” it, they have actually ported bugger all games.

  4. Andre4s Says:

    Is there anyone else here running Linux on Apple hardware? If then what is your experience when it comes to running games?

    I have problems with my mouse and keyboard. When I press the keyboard I can’t move the cursor. This makes games like Shadowgrounds hard to play. (You have to stand still to aim a gun).

  5. liamdawe Says:

    Further to this LGP responded:


  6. eriktorbjorn Says:

    Does it really make sense to carry on the Disciples 2 port in 2010 ?

    I have no idea whether or not it makes sense, but I’m still hoping they will. I thought the game looked interesting when it was first announced, and I haven’t seen or heard anything that would make me change my mind since then.

  7. compiledkernel Says:

    As has been stated in the many number of areas the post has been chronicled, Its a deaf ear on which these cries are being heard (or in this case not heard). Disciples is pretty much already supported easily by wine, and if you wanna play it run out to your local bargain software shoppe, you might find a used copy for 3 dollars there for your taking. Same thing could probably be said of Bandits.

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