May 8th, 2010 by Crusader

The always-appreciated and prolific c3rb3rus (seriously, thanks), also sent in this notice about a game we haven’t noticed yet:

When I read about the Humble Indie Bundle, which I instantly bought, I remembered reading about The Indie Love bundle. Unfortunately, this bundle is no more available and only part of the games (Machinarium, Osmos and Auditorium) are for Linux, while the others (And Yet it Moves, Aztaka and Eufloria) are Windows/Mac only.

While LinuxGames reported about Machinarium and Osmos already, Auditorium so far was not covered here in this place. That’s actually a pity, since this is a great game and you can run it on Linux as well (since it’s a flash game).

In auditorium you influence the flow of audio-visual particles with the help of attractors, direction controls, deflectors and others. You try to hit audio containers which have the same color as the particles thus starting harmonies of music. If you manage to hit all audio containers on the screen you will be rewarded with nice ambient music (and you finish the level as well). Later in the game your goals change and some obstacles try to make you life harder.

Here are some screenshots:

Play Demo: []

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