Heroes of Newerth Launch Date

May 4th, 2010 by Crusader

S2 Games has announced that their Defense of the Ancients-inspired multiplayer strategy game Heroes of Newerth, will launch on May 12th. As the game has been in an open beta testing period, a FAQ has been prepared:

1.) What happens when HoN goes retail?
When HoN goes retail it will require a paid account to play.  If you have not purchased your account you may do so by visiting

2.) Will HoN be free?  How much will it cost?  Are there any recurring fees?
HoN will not be free, it will cost a ONE TIME $30.00 USD payment with ZERO recurring fees.

3.) What will happen with stats, replays, PSR, and SMR after retail?
All stats will be reset upon release.  Also all historical data of previous matches, including replays, will be purged.  SMR and PSR (the ratings used for match making and public games) will be compressed, bringing all accounts closer to 1500 as we feel this will positively impact gameplay and team balances post release.

4.) Will HoN still be updated and new content added after retail?
We plan to consistently update HoN with lots of new heroes, items, features, and other goodies throughout the product life cycle for free.

5.) If I Pre-Purchased can my name be taken?  How do I stop my name from being taken?
If you pre-purchased your account your nickname can not be taken and that is the only way to secure it.

6.) If I Pre-Purchase before May 5th, can I take a non Pre-Purchased accounts name?
Absolutely, and on top of that we will make sure that all pre-purchased accounts have one nickname change credit to use for May 5.

7.) Are Golden Shields, Golden Names, and Taunt available anymore?  Will they ever be available again?
Unfortunately those pre-purchase incentives ended with closed beta a month ago.  We will not sell Golden Shields or Golden Names again but accounts will be able to acquire Taunt and other cool account features post release.

8.) I’m from South East Asia and I can’t Pre-Purchase, why?  How will I play after retail?
We will be making our formal announcement for our partner and strategy for SEA early next week.  If you play from SEA your nickname will be able to taken but that will not impact you moving forward past retail.

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