Sleep is Death

July 23rd, 2010 by Crusader

I’ve been meaning to mention this game for months now, so here it is: Sleep is Death is the latest game from indie developer Jason Rohrer, who also created the acclaimed games Passage, Between, and Primrose. As with his other projects, Sleep is Death is not a traditional game, focusing on two players crafting an interactive story akin to an online multiplayer Dungeons and Dragons session minus the players’ guides.

The two people in a Sleep is Death session will take turns improvising their way through their story in “controller” and “player” roles, with a configurable time limit. There’s a community site, sidtube, with additional game assets and “flipbooks” showing the stories others have written.

As with other indie titles, Sleep is Death currently has a “pay what you want” model (the minimum is $1.75 US), which gets you two download keys for yourself and a friend.

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