Gluon Alpha 0.7

April 26th, 2010 by Crusader

The first alpha release of the Gluon project, an open source game engine and distribution system, has been announced. The project’s current structure includes three libraries (GluonInput, GluonGraphics and GluonAudio), Gluon Creator, and Gluon Player:

The Gluon project is an open framework for creating and distributing games – supporting the flow of the idea all the way from the author to the player of the finished game. The primary use of Gluon is to create games using 2D graphics. The reasoning behind this is that the niche for this type of visual is very large and so far untapped by specialised tools. In the world of 3D games there are solutions such as Unity3D, which provide a distribution system, but in the 2D game development world there are no tools to provide a complete eco system for both the creation, distribution and feedback gathering.

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