April 12th, 2010 by Crusader

TGatB has reached version with the following changes:

  • A server bug was fixed which caused random server crashes from time to time.
  • Some parts of the artwork were improved.
  • The first animations (players and some items) are in game.
  • The GUI was improved, there are now popup windows for some NPC’s.

Download: [ ]

5 Responses to “TGatB”

  1. nod51 Says:

    Looking better so far, I will give it a shot when I have some time, keep up the good work.

  2. qubodup Says:

    Hm.. is this game any good?

  3. the_piper Says:

    Download the client and try it ^^

  4. qubodup Says:

    I have had only unpleasant experiences with not-so-good-looking multiplayer online games. :| I don’t understand if this is some alpha version or a real playable game.

  5. the_piper Says:

    Umm.. i don’t know which “unpleasant experiences” with other mmorpg’s you had, but no one will bite you, when you download the client and give it a try. The archive is only 5 MB.

    The game is in alpha stage, because that was the stage i assigned, when i started it and haven’t changed that since then.

    You can create a char, log on, talk to NPC’s, level skills, mostly fighting, explore the world, which has at least 45 maps, do some quests, buy and sell stuff, fight monsters, fight other players on PK maps, chat with other players, participate in scripted stories (the forces of evil are attacking, defend the world), try to go through some dungeons alive and get some bounty, deposit and withdraw your stuff to protect it.

    And if you want to help me to improve the game, you are welcome too. If you are an artist, you can improve the artwork, if you are a programmer, you can help to improve the client (which is written in C and uses SDL). Or post suggestions in the forum, if you have some good ideas. Or just test the game and report bugs.

    Well, i think, that could keep you busy at least for some time :)

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